Here are Some Steps for Drug Rehab Treatment:

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Have you realized that you are addicted to drugs?  If so, seeking drug rehab is the most crucial step you can take. A combination of a medically-supervised detox program and therapy sessions will help you stop leaning on illicit substances and start leading a healthy, sober life. Many people get easily overwhelmed when they are faced with the numerous treatment options available to them. However, a variety of options also means that you will be able to find the right program to fit your individual needs.

If you are one of the estimated 22.5 million people in the U.S. classified as having an addiction problem, do not wait any longer to get the help that you need. Additionally, if you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we can help. Please contact Caring Hands Recovery today to learn about the various treatment options available. We will discuss the different options we have with you and help you pick the one that will work the best for your particular situation.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

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We Treat Many Forms of Addiction

Our treatment programs are geared towards the psychological and medical needs of the patient. You or a loved one may be dealing with addiction to one or more of the following:

        • Alcohol
        • Crystal meth
        • Cocaine
        • Marijuana
        • Inhalant
        • Heroin
        • Prescription medication

Many patients also come to our facility with poly-drug addictions, meaning they are addicted to numerous substances at once. We also treat our patients with a dual-diagnosis approach, which means we don’t just treat the addiction. We also address the underlying issues that you may be dealing with that may have contributed to the addiction or caused it to worsen.

Understanding the Difference Between Addiction and Abuse

We see many of our patients trying to define what their relationship is with alcohol and drugs. Drug abuse often has a less aggressive sound to it than drug addiction. According to Medline Plus, the description of drug abuse covers any regular abuse of drugs or alcohol over a 12 month period that causes negative consequences to occur. These may be anything health-related, work-related, financial, interpersonal, or legal. If the abuse causes a negative experience to happen, then there is a problem.

We now know that drug addiction is an actual chronic disease. Drug addiction can be characterized by the compulsive use of the drug and drug-seeking behavior. You may even have a physical dependence on a drug without being addicted to it. However, addiction can make it almost impossible for a person to function correctly in relationships with people at work, school, home, or in their community.

What Types of Treatment Programs are Available?

There are two main types of drug rehab, which are outpatient and inpatient. Depending on the needs of the individual, both treatment options can be valid choices.

Inpatient, or residential, drug rehab offers those who need help the time they need to step away from the temptations of life in a safe, caring environment. If this is the right treatment option for you, then you will remain in the facility 24/7 for a certain amount of time.

Outpatient programs offer patients a less rigid schedule. If you choose an outpatient facility, you will be able to stay at home and go about daily activities, including work and school, while you attend therapy. Whatever option you choose will allow you to experience therapy and counseling with the primary goal of continued abstinence and long-term recovery.

What to Expect from Drug Rehab

One of the most frightening aspects of treatment is not knowing what to expect. When you are aware of how it works, you can then mentally prepare for what is to come. The following steps are what will happen if you or a loved one enrolls in a drug rehab facility:

Orientation- During the first few days, the medical team will access the patient and determine their individual needs. The therapists and doctors will need to know the entire history of the patient, including drug use, medical history, and mental health history. This information will allow them to come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Detoxification- Detox will be another step that occurs during orientation and for a time after if the individual is physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. Patients may or may not receive medication to help them through their withdrawal symptoms.

Counseling- After detox, the patient receives various types of therapy sessions through one-on-one settings and group sessions. Patients also have an opportunity to talk to a therapist about their mental problems, if necessary.

Aftercare- Recovery doesn’t stop when the patient leaves rehab. Aftercare programs, such as additional therapy or a sober living facility are good choices.

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